Anti-incumbency will be more against NDA Govt: C.P. Joshi

Shillong, Jun 02: AICC general secretary, C.P. Joshi claimed that anti incumbency would work more against the BJP-led NDA government than the Congress-led government in Meghalaya in the upcoming Assembly election in 2018.

Joshi who is in-charge of Meghalaya and other states in the Northeast, arrived here today.

“For any party in government, there is a feeling that we have anti-incumbency. Anti incumbency is about false promises and false promises have been made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The anti incumbency of the NDA government at the Centre will be much more than the anti-incumbency of the Congrss-led government in the state. Where is the Rs 15 lakh to be deposited in the people’s account, and two crore jobs for the people of this country? What about the inflation and other issues that the Prime Minister had said during the Parliamentary election? How is our internal security is taking place. These are issues that are more relevant than any other issues. In 2014 people said aap ke barr Modi Sarkar, but now in three years, people are asking what have they done?”

Stating that the BJP is trying to strengthen itself in Meghalaya and the entire Northeast, Joshi said, “It is up upto them (BJP). But we as Congress men know the ethos of Meghalaya very well, and the people of this state know the hidden agenda of the BJP. The people will give proper response in the election.”
Joshi also claimed that the ethos and culture of Meghalaya does not give impressions that there is a threat from the BJP, though the BJP was aiming to create some space.

Asked if some Congress MLAs and ministers would leave the party, Joshi refused to comment though he said, in every election, some ambitious people would always like to change side.

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