Aadhaar (e- Aadhaar) as proof of identity: Meghalaya

Shillong,May 18: The Deputy Director (Logistics), Ministry of Electronics & IT, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Logistics Division has issued a circular clarifying the validity of downloaded Aadhaar (e- Aadhaar) as legally valid proof of identity.

It is informed that downloaded Aadhaar (e- Aadhaar) carries name, address, gender, photo and date of birth details of the Aadhaar holder in similar form as in printed Aadhaar letter. The downloaded Aadhaar also contains date of Aadhaar generation and date of Aadhaar download. The downloaded Aadhaar (e- Aadhaar) is a digitally signed document by UIDAI as per IT Act, 2000 which provides for legal recognition of electronic records with digital signatures.

It is therefore, clarified that downloaded Aadhaar (e- Aadhaar) is a valid and secure electronic document which should be treated at par with printed Aadhaar letter. Ministries/Departments/State Governments/Agencies accepting printed Aadhaar as proof of identity are hereby required to accept downloaded Aadhaar (e- Aadhaar) also as a proof of identity and not to discriminate it vis-à-vis printed Aadhaar.

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